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Packaging Boxes

Packaging Boxes Are Made Of Cardboard

Packaging boxes fall into cardboard segment of packaging and cardboard products can be manufactured into many products, from cardboard packaging boxes to paper bags.  A paper bag is nothing but a few sheets of pliable cardboard made up in the shape of bag, so these bags are also sorted under cardboard products.  Packaging boxes are still a very popular way to package fresh produce.  Sturdy packaging boxes allow soft fruit to be packaged without pressing together and becoming bruised.  Examples include grapes, peaches, strawberries and avocado pears.

Soft plastic bag packaging is still cheaper, but impractical for packing soft fruit; few types of soft fruit can be packed this way.  Smaller fruit that can fit several tens in a smallish bag, like plums and apricots, are often packed in small plastic bags with ventilation holes but for the rest, packaging boxes are the only option.  These packaging boxes are available in many sizes and configurations and many types are open at the top, so you can easily identify their contents.  They are still made to be stackable, though.  Peaches and grapes are usually packed in these types of boxes.  Smaller packaging boxes are used for smaller fruit like strawberries and kiwi fruit.

As mentioned earlier, packaging boxes are not the only type of cardboard packaging.  Cardboard paper bags are the only way to pack potatoes, for example.  Potatoes cannot be packed in plastic bags because plastic bags would allow condensate to form and, consequently, mildew.  Furthermore, potatoes must be protected from light.  Only paper bags satisfactorily meet both requirements.  Other things that make use of paper bags instead of plastic bags or packaging boxes are charcoal and barbecue briquettes.

There are many types of packaging, from packaging boxes, egg trays and fomo packaging to soft plastic bags as well as woven and knitted mesh vegetable pockets and bags.  For more information, contact us.