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Styrofoam Packaging Material

Styrofoam Packaging Material Has Top Insulation Properties

Call in the services of an established, professional plastic, cardboard and styrofoam packaging materialexpert today.  If you have a growing goods industry, you should not be hampered because you cannot get top quality packaging materials at low prices.  Your packaging expert should be able to offer you any type of packaging, whether you need soft plastic bags, cardboard packaging or styrofoam packaging material.

Whereas styrofoam packaging material is used more in the hospitality and catering industries, plastic and cardboard packaging are more widespread.  Under plastic packaging, soft plastic bags is an example; these are the plastic bags in which your groceries are packed at the supermarket; your meat at the butcher; the ice restaurants buy and many of the bagged plants that you can buy at a nursery.  Some of these bags, like grocery bags, have handles by which to carry them, while plant bags do not.  However, styrofoam packaging material is used mostly for fresh food and liquids and exhibit excellent insulation properties.

Styrofoam packaging material can be moulded in any shape, whether it is tray or a lidded container.  Many burger outlets sell their burgers in square styrofoam packaging containers and their coffee and hot beverages in styrofoam cups.  Styrofoam is very porous and as such, a very poor conductor of heat.  Therefore, it is a superb insulator and will keep a burger or cup of coffee warm while hardly getting warm on the outside.  This has a double advantage that the cup needs no handle, because it remains cool enough to handle, even with boiling liquid inside.  Conversely, anything cold packed into styrofoam packaging material stays cold for a long time as well.

Styrofoam packaging material is widely used by restaurants for their take-away meals and beverages, but nurseries also often use styrofoam packaging material for their fomo seedling trays.  Styrofoam packaging material is affordable and versatile; to find out more, contact us.