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Types Of Packaging

Many Types Of Packaging Are Available

There are many types of packaging in the food and related industries, each type designed for a specific purpose.  Specific types of packaging are used to pack vegetables, for example, like knitted and woven vegetable pockets.  High-density polyethylene is knitted into a mesh to make the knitted vegetable pockets.  These pockets are available in different colours, usually to denote a specific crop.  They normally come in bag sizes varying between 2 kg and 25 kg.  Woven vegetable pockets are woven from virgin polypropylene monofilament or tape and are also offered in several colours.  Both these types of packaging allow their contents ample air ventilation.

Other oft-used types of packaging include cardboard and paper packaging, like egg trays, cardboard cartons (for the packing of vegetables and fruit) and paper bags.  The latter is the preferred way to pack potatoes (that should not be exposed to light) and charcoal (to keep the fine dust inside the bag).  Fomo types of packaging are versatile and include a multitude of fomo trays and containers in many different sizes, fomo cups (usually ranging in size from 150 ml to 350 ml) and seedling trays, extensively used by nurseries.

Soft plastic types of packaging are extensively used as butcher, mini grip, vegetable and ice bags and plants are also often sold in soft plastic bags.   Among the other types of packaging available are plastic bottles and lids too.  Of course, all these types of packaging are often used in conjunction with a large variety of packaging materials.  These may include staplers and staples, tags and stickers, wrapping film, crates, dispensers, tape, plastic rolls, fastening equipment and pallet packaging.

There are so many types of packaging that all of them could not possibly be mentioned here.  Suffice to say that, no matter what types of packaging you require, always make sure your partner with a packaging supplier that can offer the very best products and service.  For more information, feel free to contact ustoday.