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Boxes Packaging Concerns Addressed

Looking for a reliable boxes packaging company? Look no further than the International Group of Companies offering more than sixty years experience in boxes supply and packaging products. We know how important it is to create sturdy and well designed boxes for packaging.

Fresh fruit, vegetables and other food products which must be transported to the markets and supermarkets must be packed in such a way as to prevent bruises and damage. Any damage to the produce will lead to lower profits as the products will not be suitable for the market. As such it is imperative to select the best possible boxes for your specific packaging requirements. The International Group of Companies offer a wide range of boxes suitable for the transportation of fresh produce. The boxes come with air vents, easy carry holes, also inspection holes, and are sturdy.

We as an experienced supplier of boxes and packaging materials have spent many years in developing durable packaging materials to ensure that products stay fresher for longer and don’t get damaged on the way to the market. Farmer communities and large producers trust us with their box and packaging material needs. They know we can supply in bulk at competitive prices without ever compromising on quality. Our consultants can help you select the most appropriate types of boxes and the correct sizes ensuring the best packaging material for your particular purpose.

Our boxes and packagingmaterials include, but are not limited to cardboard and paper packaging which include cartons, egg trays, fresh produce containers, paper bags, and various cardboard boxes. In addition, we supply a range of fomo packaging materials as well as soft plastic products and wrapping film. Contact us as your one stop boxes and packaging supplier for quotes and assistance in selecting the best packaging materials.