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How To Select The Best Packaging Supplier In South Africa

Finding a packaging supplier in South Africa shouldn’t be too difficult, but finding one that can supply all the packaging products you may need at a competitive price, while offering superior quality may not be all that easy. Fortunately the International Group of Companies is a packaging supplier that offers an extensive range of packing related products. 

We offer from paper and cardboard based packing materials to hardware such as pallet jacks, in addition to custom plastic moulded products, plastic bags and Styrofoam packaging materials. You can even order safety cloths for your workers from us while film wrapping and large plastic rolls also form part of our range. We are thus one of the packaging suppliers that can provide you with an extensive range of products.

Finding a packaging supplier with a long and proven track record of packaging products supply should be another concern when browsing for the appropriate packaging supplier. You will want a supplier that has a few years experience in the industry and has shown reliability in the product supply and delivery. Once again, the International Group of Companies fits the profile perfectly. We have been around for more than six decades and have grown from a small company to a large 100% BEE owned company with more than 1000 workers. We have the knowledge, experience and proven track record to show reliability, quality products, and commitment to client service. As such numerous companies in various industries rely on us as their only packaging products supplier.

Affordability is another concern when shopping for a suitable packaging supplier. Even with the best quality products offered, you still need affordable pricing. Packaging must be of high quality, but shouldn’t eat into your profits. As such you will want us to be your packaging material supplier. With products made locally and deliveries thus fast, costs can be kept to a minimum which means larger profits for you. View our history as packaging supplier and contact us for quotes or more information on our range of packaging products.