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Strong Plastic Food Packaging Products

The International Group of Companies is a leading supplier of plastic food packaging materials to retailers, commercial farmers, and industry. We offer an extensive range of affordable, high quality plastic food packaging materials to pack fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy products, and plants. 

The plastic food packaging material comes in various colours and clients have a wide range of sizes to select from. The plastic based food packaging bags come in micron measured thickness options. For larger bags we use a thicker micron where one micron is equal to a thousandth of one millimetre. The reason for the added thickness is simply to increase strength. If the thickness is not enough the bags will rip and tear. Since it is essential to prevent bruises to food stuffs, we thus test and develop the correct thickness for every size bag. It is this commitment to quality that makes us one of the preferred plastic food packaging product suppliers in the country.

It is especially important to ensure thicker walls when it comes to ice bags. The ice can be rather heavy and with some sharp edges the ice can easily tear the walls of the bags. We thus ensure thick walled plastic food packaging according to the product for which such packaging will be required. Since we are committed to a high level of professionalism we guide clients in the selection of the most appropriate plastics and food packaging materials for their specific purpose when requested.

In addition to the normal plastic bag food packaging products available through us, we also supply knitted vegetable bags which are made from superior quality polyethylene, which is knitted in a specific mesh format for maximum strength. Such bags are normally used for fruits and vegetables such as avocados, oranges, and even potatoes. View our range of plastic based food packaging products and contact us today for bulk pricing information and assistance in the selection of the most appropriate bags.