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Styrofoam Packaging Has Several Advantages

The hospitality industry such as take-out franchises make extensive use of Styrofoam packaging to ensure presentable, neat and fresh products such as burgers to their patrons. The quality of the Styrofoam packaging is rather important to ensure that the products don’t spill because of poorly fitted lids or perhaps too thin walls. 

The International Group of Companies is a leading provider of bulk Styrofoam packaging products to the hospitality, food and agricultural industries. Styrofoam packaging materials are also used in the packaging of fruits in boxes to ensure some protection against bruising. In addition egg boxes are often made from Styrofoam. Extensively used by butchers, our Styrofoam packaging materials are affordable, made to last and according to various sizes often used in industry. The Styrofoam based packaging materials are mostly used for soft drinks and coffee as well as fresh foods. With superior insulation characteristics the packaging helps to keep the liquids warm or cold according to the specific liquids. 

Because Styrofoam is one of the poorest heat conductors it is thus well suited for the keeping cool or keeping hot of beverages and food products. Rather versatile as packaging material, lightweight and sturdy,Styrofoam based packaging can be used for a wide range of applications. Due to the low price of Styrofoam products, retailers and fast-food outlets can realise larger profits on their products because they spend less on packaging materials.

Styrofoam packaging materials thus have numerous benefits such as mentioned above. Getting the best supplier of a range of Styrofoam products is the next step. Fortunately you have come to the right place. As a bulk and wholesale supplier of a wide range of plastic, cardboard and Styrofoam packaging products with 60 years of experience in the industry, we should be your first choice as supplier. View our range of products and contact us today to order or to obtain more information.