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Styrofoam Packing Materials Overview

Styrofoam packing materials are made from a material called polystyrene which has excellent insulation characteristics. Styrofoam packing materials are often used for the packaging of electronics and products which need to be protected against damage from bumps. As such fruit products, eggs, and for instance, avocados are often packed with Styrofoam bases used as protection walls. 

Although certainly not highly biodegradable, Styrofoam packing materials can be recycled, thus reducing the environmental footprint of the products.  One way of recycling Styrofoam is to break it up in smaller particles which can be further broken up into a powder base. This powder can be used in concretes and also for application in some adhesives. Another way of recycling Styrofoam based packing products is to melt the Styrofoam into pellets and moulding other shapes. 

Styrofoam packing materials are rather light and thus transportation of such can be done without creating heavy loads which can damage the roads. The Styrofoam is often referred to as polystyrene or PS Foam. The material is made from petroleum based products. The end-products are rather hygienic and as such widely used in the packing of food and beverages. The make-up of Styrofoam packing material is almost 100% air while only about two percent is made up of PS. 

When it comes to the fast-food industry there has been a lot of debate between using paper cups andStyrofoam based packing such as cups. Many fast-food outlet owners, however, recommend Styrofoam based packing materials because of the insulating characteristics, hygiene, and strength of Styrofoam. 

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