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Food Packaging Boxes

Food Packaging Boxes South Africa

There is a bewildering variety of food packaging boxes on our retail supermarket shelves today; every product it seems has its own unique shape of packaging. But is this a bad thing? Food packaging boxes on supermarket shelves allow us, as consumers to make quick decision as it allows our favourite brands to stick out from the crowded mass and the uniqueness of the packaging allows us to get our shopping done that much faster.

At present the food packaging boxes are a far cry from those which could be found on the shelves only a few decades ago. New technology has allowed for new printing techniques to be used on food packaging boxes and so the consumer is faced with almost a literal rainbow when they come to make their buying decision.

It is not only colour that has changed the appearance of our supermarket shelves, but shape as well. Gone are the days when food packaging boxes were a uniform square or oblong shape.

Today the food packaging on our shelves teases us with a variety of different shapes, some of them specifically manufactured to make our lives easier in the age of the microwave oven. Even those products that do not specifically require a box have a type of ‘semi box’ surrounding them in the form of card board wraps which give us an idea of the contents.

Food packaging boxes are today not only limited to cardboard as a material of construction; there are a variety of high tech materials that allow us to prepare food quickly, with minimal fuss. Although not yet on the shelves in South Africa there are even self heating packaging boxes that are available elsewhere in the world, keep a look out because these ultimate non fuss packages are surely on the way.

Whatever material and whatever shape the boxes are they have certainly made shopping a more interesting experience and any avid shopper will tell you that the packaging of today allows for their favourite brands to stand out from the crowd.

If you would like to know more about the various food packaging boxes that are available today thencontact us.