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Packaging Boxes

Unique Packaging Boxes For A Variety Of Products

There is hardly a product on the shelves of any retail outlet in South Africa, irrespective of type that has not spent some time packaged in a box. For this reason packaging boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as being of different durability depending on the use that it is intended for. The packaging boxes used for the transport of wine have warnings on them as to exactly how they should be handled and are durable due to their contents.

When it comes to wine there is one packaging box that everyone who has hosted a midsummer braai is familiar with, and this is the box that contains either five litres or two litres of white or red wine which makes enjoying fun in the sun that much easier. Packaging boxes also make their way directly onto our supermarket shelves where they are used to display products in ways that attempt to make them stand out from their competitors.

For excellent examples of unique packaging boxes look no further than many of the products that arrive on our shores from the Far East. Ready-to-eat meals are also excellent examples of packaging boxes which are not only attractive but serve to advertise their contents.

Walking down the aisles of many of our retail supermarkets will give the average consumer a better idea of just how versatile packaging boxes can be. From frozen pizzas to cottage pie each product is either housed in a packaging box or has a partial packaging box in the form of a wrap around it.

Which of us would gladly do without our takeaway pizza? Today packaging boxes for this takeaway staple even have indicators on them to ensure that they have been delivered within a set period of time and are suitable for serving piping hot to the whole family or group of friends.

Not to forget the humble takeaway hamburger where packaging boxes have replaced polystyrene as a more ecologically friendly form of packaging.

If you would like to know more about the many different packaging boxes that are on the market thencontact us.