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Make A Good Impression With Quality Packaging

The design and quality of packaging is the first impression that a consumer gets of a product. Many of us have been fooled into purchasing a product due to the photograph or artists impression that is on the packaging that surrounds a product. But with plastic replacing glass for many applications manufacturers are not only becoming more savvy about their packaging they are also abandoning the old tricks that enticed consumers to purchase their products, after all misleading packaging usually only works once, a disappointing experience by the consumer is not easily forgotten and once the consumer has been disappointed by one of your products chances are that they’ll avoid the rest of the range as well.

Today quality packaging is the name of the game. Take a trip to your neighbourhood supermarket or pay some extra attention when you next do your weekly or monthly shopping and you’d be amazed at the lengths that many manufacturers have gone to make your favourite treats stand out from the crowd.

There has been an explosion a 3 minute noodles that has taken the retail outlets of South Africa by storm. But aside from the normal packaged noodles that require and extra container and cutlery today an entire meal in a single container can be yours for only a little more than you paid for your original three minute noodles. Some of this quality packaging is ingenious to say the least. The package contains a fork, and not one but three flavouring packages to make your eating experience that much more enjoyable.

Fruit in syrup may not seem like the most exciting of products, but some manufacturers have taken plastic and used its unique attributes to their advantage.

Firstly plastic containers are a lot more robust than glass and of course weigh significantly less so the manufacturer can pass on cost savings to the consumer. By making the container see through the manufacturer also allows the consumer to see the quality of the product that they are purchasing, an ingenious solution to differentiating their product from others sold in tins.

If you would like to know more about quality packaging and how it’s changing your shopping experience or can positively affect your company’s bottom line, contact us.