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Continued Innovation By Packaging Companies In South Africa

With the recent entry of the Walmart Group of Companies into the South African retail market it seems inevitable that South African consumers are going to be exposed to a wider number of international brands than has previously been the case. With the entry of a new importer of retail products onto the South African market a number of new innovations will also start appearing on the company’s shelves, amongst these innovations will be new packaging designed to make products more attractive and secure a new market for Walmart products in this country. Packaging companies in South Africa are going to have to show new levels of innovation if they are to maintain market share on behalf of their customers in various manufacturing industries.

A commitment to packaging innovation is only one of the ways that packaging companies in SouthAfrica will be able to cope with the new influx of products. For many years these companies have been satisfied to take their lead from overseas markets, however today this attitude is changing fast and packaging innovation is at the forefront of renewed efforts to make South African products more attractive to consumers.

Packaging companies in South Africa have also formed partnerships with organisations like Proudly South African in order to appeal to South African consumers in the face of a wave of new imports. By featuring the logos of organisations like Proudly South African on packaging manufacturers increase the attractiveness of the product to the South African consumer.

Packaging companies in South Africa have also demonstrated a renewed commitment to offering manufacturers innovative packaging solutions that add value to their products. Many new products are designed to use the packaging as an intrinsic part of the product offering. Take for example new versions of old favourites that are hitting South African shelves. An example of making packaging work hand-in-hand with the product itself is the microwaveable products that have entered the market. Today consumers have access to South African products that are guaranteed to taste like they were prepared using traditional methods but that can now reach the table in a matter of minutes due to packaging innovation. An example of this is crispy bacon that can be prepared in the packaging for added convenience.

Convenience will be the new watchword of the South African packaging companies. Today consumers want quality at a good price and products that can use the microwave and other methods in order to save time and effort.

The trend, which in South Africa started with microwave popcorn, which relies on packaging innovation in order to be prepared, is now extending to almost every product on the supermarket shelves. It is only a matter of time before many of our supermarket favourites are reformulated to allow for faster cooking times with less fuss. The challenge for the packaging companies is how to present this innovation to the South African buying public without alienating those who value quality and old fashioned taste.

It is not only in the food industry where packaging is being reformulated. Efforts in the white goods and electronics industry to reduce the amounts of non biodegradable material used in the packaging of their products continue.

South Africa has an opportunity to take the lead in these efforts as its value added manufacturing industry matures. If these efforts are successful then South Africa will find that new export markets for the high tech goods manufactured and packaged in this country will open up.

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