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How To Find The Top Food Packaging Suppliers

The food packaging industry is vast and there are several food packaging suppliers out there; how do you choose one that will assist you with the best quality products, the widest choice and the best service?  Well, it helps to start off with a long heritage.  In today’s tough economic climate, only established players with sound business cases and all the ingredients to satisfy their target markets will survive.  Having been in the industry for a very long time is therefore a good marker of a supplier that would be able to meet your needs both now and in future.

One of the most important considerations for a company seeking a suitor to supply their diverse packaging needs is to endeavour to find one that offers all the packaging option under one roof.  No-one needs the disruption in continuity that is caused by having to consult a variety of different suppliers for your packaging needs – the best goods and food packaging suppliers can offer you all the services and products from one source.

Food packaging covers a vast field.  At a basic level, crop growers need packaging to get their produce to the markets and distribution outlets.  This calls for widely divergent solutions, like knitted and woven polyethylene and polypropylene pockets for fruit and vegetables to cardboard boxes for the crops that are easily bruised, like tomatoes and peaches.  Fomo packaging like trays and cups are popular for take-away food and have the added benefit of superior heat (or cold) retention properties.

The International Group of Companies is active in all these domains and has become one of the leading food packaging suppliers in South Africa.  Besides our food packaging products, we offer other moulded plastic products, twines, plastic bottles and hardware too.  We have been in the marketplace for over sixty years.  For more information, contact us.