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Save Money on Paper Packaging Products and Options

In this day and age the cost of packaging is just as damaging to our pockets as it is to the environment. The need has arisen for a cost effective packaging solution that is kind to the environment as well. Paper packaging has since been introduced to the agricultural, commercial and industrial market sectors.

The International Group of Companies is a proud supplier of cardboard and paper packaging options that include various sized boxes and cartons for packaging fruit and vegetables, egg trays and boxes and even strong paper bags for packaging items such as potatoes and charcoal. The following are popular paper packaging options provided by The International Group of Companies:

  • 5 kg brown or white potato pocket
  • 7 kg brown or white potato pocket
  • 10 kg brown or white potato pocket
  • 5 kg charcoal paper bag

All these products are currently produced by this team, but packaging items can also be made to order according to specifics provided by clients. One major advantage to making use of paper-made packaging is that it is biodegradable and can be recycled after use. Paper products also provide a firm packaging option that does not get soggy from heat or condensation. This form of packaging is also known to be quite cost effective and can easily be printed with a clients logo and business details.

If you are looking for a cost effective packaging option then The International Group of Companies will have exactly what you need. Chat to a team member about your unique requirements or request a quote on thepaper packaging products that they currently stock. You will find them more than willing to tend your every need in a professional and friendly manner. Contact The International Group of Companies for more information and advice on their paper and cardboard packaging options today.