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Paper packaging is all around us, working for us and delivering to us; it contributes to comfort, hygiene, shipping, transportation and information. Using paper as a form of packaging doesn’t just make our lives easier; it also makes an important environmental contribution to sustainability. Paper and cardboard are natural products because they are manufactured from a natural and renewable raw material – wood, it is 100% recyclable.

Today’s marketplace demands the benefit of environmentally responsible paper packaging materials. From corporate social responsibility to simple economics – an explosion in the demand for greener eco-friendly packaging products has taken place.  At the International Group of Companies we are the paper packaging specialists that care and understand the need for cost effective and eco-friendly packaging - we bring you a range of options and benefits to suit your business or retail outlet.

With over 60 years in the paper packaging industry and over 1000 employees, The International Group of Companies have earned an outstanding reputation throughout South Africa as the leading paper packaging specialists of choice.  Our products are eco-friendly and are used in a number of different sectors – from agriculture through to commercial and industrial markets.

The Top 8 Advantages of Using Paper Packaging

Paper and cardboard packaging forms the basis for 40% of all packaging globally; it is the answer to suit a wide range of business needs from basic shipping, road transportation, packing and storing to food packaging. Its wide range of uses has become increasingly popular for some of the following reasons:

  • Versatile – it comes in a number of forms, from functional brown cardboard boxes to beautiful paper packaging bags.
  • Robust and adaptable – corrugated paper board can be used to protect a range of valuable goods from delicate glass and porcelain to food.


  • Practical – cartons and boxes can be delivered flat to the packager, reducing both space and transport costs.
  • Easily recycled – paper and cardboard have a recycling rate of 77%, higher than any other packaging material. Paper and cardboard are eco-friendly and biodegradable – overall, paper has a good environmental image.


  • Cost-effective - we all know that cost cutting is the major theme in today’s down-turn economy and paper is the most cost-effective solution for your challenging packaging needs.
  • Customised – paper and cardboard can be easily customised with printing options of your choice.


  • Durable - paper and cardboard provides mechanical strength and longevity.
  • Printable - paper and cardboard have good printability compared to plastic or glass.


Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with our Paper and Cardboard Packaging

The International Group of Companies are a proud supplier of a range of strong paper bags for packaging items such as potatoes and charcoal. The following are popular paper packaging options provided by our paper packaging specialists at The International Group of Companies.

  • 5 kg brown or white potato pocket
  • 7 kg brown or white potato pocket
  • 10 kg brown or white potato pocket
  • 5 kg charcoal paper bag


By moving beyond conventional packaging methods and materials, companies can reduce their carbon footprints as well as their transportation and warehousing costs. Paper and cardboard boxes provide an array of uses such as protecting, packaging and storing. At the International Group of Companies we produce 2 types of boxes:

  • Corrugated cardboard boxes – this is the most commonly used cardboard box. It offers a strong, sturdy and firm rigid lightweight container that can cushion and insulate products. It is the ideal option for making up boxes that are used for packaging and heavy duty tasks.


  • Flat cardboard – also known as paperboard. These come in a variety of sizes and are used for making cereal boxes, juice cartons, tissue boxes and egg trays.

When it comes to packaging, we are the paper packaging specialists that keep it simple. As the leading paper packaging specialists in South Africa, we manufacture packaging that is convenient, cost effective, flexible and most importantly eco-friendly.

Whether you serve the take-away, home delivery, commercial or retail food service markets, our paper packaging specialists can provide you with the right selection of products to enhance your food and company presentation every time. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our cost effective and eco-friendly paper packaging range.