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There is no doubt that we are all aware of just how much plastic packaging we are exposed to and use on a daily basis. While we may take the various types of packaging for granted, the manufacturers and suppliers of our every day products certainly do not. Every product we purchase is packaged in some way or another and in most cases its plastic that is used.

The International Group of Companies is a team that provide the following forms of plastic packaging:

  • Plastic bags used in butcheries and supermarkets. These include bags used for packaging ice, vegetables and fruit and so on.
  • 1 litre to 18.8 litre plastic plant bags which are commonly used in the agricultural industry (these are usually found in local nurseries).
  • 250ml to 2 litre plastic bottles and lids.

Plastic bags and packaging are usually made from polyethylene which can be either low density or high density. A major advantage to plastic bags and bottles is that the consumer of the original product can re-use the item a number of times before they need to be thrown away and replaced. While these bags and plastic containers aren’t biodegradable, they are recyclable and consumers are encouraged to use the correct and environmentally friendly methods of disposing of them. The International Group of Companies manufactures and supplies a variety of different sized bottles and plastics for you to choose from. If you find that you have specific or unique needs then speak to the team members who will work out a customised project for you.

If you are looking for plastic packaging that is cost effective and of a high quality then waste no more time – contact The International Group of Companies today! They will ensure that you are provided with a complete packaging solution.