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How To Select Custom Plastic Product Wholesalers

Most often prices in South Africa, force one to search elsewhere for products. As such many people import products from other countries because they cannot find local producers. Fortunately the International Group of Companies is located in South Africa and is one of the best custom plastic product wholesalers. When it comes to pricing our products can compete with the overseas products, with the difference being that of quality. We produce superior quality products.

A few pointers on the selection of custom plastic product wholesalers are provided below to help you make an informed decision regarding the choice of custom plastic product wholesalers.


Although the Internet has made it possible to locate custom plastic product wholesalers just about anywhere in the world, it is more cost effective to purchase from a local supplier. You will save on import taxes and delivery costs. In addition, the products can be inspected and with the consumer protection offered in South Africa, you can be assured of excellent products.

Support Local

One can either support companies in other countries or invest locally by supporting local custom plastic product wholesalers. The International Group of Companies for instance, has branches in several of the major towns of South Africa and employs more than a thousand South Africans. As such the investment is ploughed back into South Africa.

Product Range

In addition to supporting local companies and having the supplier nearby, it is also important to look at the product range offered by the custom plastic product wholesalers. The International Group of Companies manufacturers and supplies a wide range of custom products including piping, dustbins, chairs, buckets, and boilers.


When all is said and done, one still wants competitive pricing in addition to quality. As such you will find our pricing as custom plastic product wholesalers to be excellent ensuring that you can buy local and save. View our range of products and contact us for assistance and quotes today.