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Custom Plastic Products

Custom Plastic Products At An Affordable Price

The International Group of Companies is a leading manufacturer and supplier of custom plastic products in South Africa. By means of plastic moulding we are able to adapt products or provide custom plastic products according to client requirements.

Some of the custom plastic products that we can supply are briefly described below.

Polyethylene Plastic Piping

We create plastic piping that comes in 100 meter lengths with various diameters ranging between 20 and 110 mm. Clients can select between high or low density polyethylenes for the pipes which are joined together. Rust is most certainly not a problem with these pipes and with less sediment build-up these pipes are also durable.


We also manufacture custom plastic products for the security industry. Plastic fence droppers are made from low density polyethylene which come in lengths varying from 1.2 to 3 metres and diameters from 20 to 25mm.With a high level of fire resistance the fence droppers are ideal for electric fences.

Other Custom Plastic Products

With our more than 60 years experience in the manufacturing of plastic and cardboard packaging products we are able to make almost any type of custom plastic products including chairs, tubs, drums, buckets and dustbins. Clients can simply provide us with the details of what they want and we will create moulds which we will use for the casting of the products.

As a company that is socially responsible and totally BEE, environmentally conscious, and committed to high quality, we should be the preferred choice as manufacturer of custom plastic products. We have more than 1000 employees and are thus able to produce custom plastic products in large quantities.

We know that when having to order large quantities of a product that you will want the best possible price without having to compromise on quality. When using us as your manufacturer of custom plastic productsyou can be assured that you will save on production costs while having the best possible product quality.Contact us today to discuss your particular plastic product requirements.