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Plastic Chairs

Advantages Of Plastic Chairs Compared To Other Types

Plastic chairs, especially the stacking types are popular at schools, conference halls, exhibitions, campuses, party venues, and any venues where chairs must be moved, stored, and arranged on a regular basis.

Not only are the plastic chairs far more economical to manufacture, transport, and purchase than wooden chairs, they are also:

  • Lighter
  • Easier to clean
  • Easier to rearrange and stack
  • Durable

With new technologies in place, plastic chairs can be manufactured at a cost far below that of any other type of material-based chair. The chairs feature solid designs and can even be left outdoors. With a large variety to select from, clients appreciate the quality and customisation options when purchasing from the International Group of Companies.

Stacking Features

If you need seating that can be rearranged, added onto and stored without taking up a lot of space then plastic chairs will be the solution. With only ten or so chairs to store you shouldn’t have a problem, but once you have hundreds or thousands, you will want the chairs to be stacked in a secure manner. The easier it is to stack the chairs ten and more, the more space you will be able to save on storage. This of course is also essential when having to transport seating to various venues and as such catering companies as well as exhibitors prefer plastic chairs since they are also lightweight.

Robust Design and Durability

When purchasing hundreds of chairs you will want them to be durable, especially because they will be used frequently. The chairs should thus feature sturdy designs allowing for frequent use by various size persons. Because the chairs will be stacked you will want seating that will be able to handle the weight of other chairs when being stored. In addition, the plastic chairs must have longevity. One simply cannot replace chairs every week.

Easy Cleaning

Due to the nature of the material, it is possible to simply wipe them clean. A glossy finish ensures that nothing sticks to the surface and it is even possible to simply hose down the chairs and leave them to dry in the sun.

Affordable Seating

With the moulding technology used, it is possible to craft plastic chairs at a low price without compromising on quality. It is thus a cheaper option than using combination chairs which include steel or aluminium footing. In addition, the seating can be replaced at a cheaper price than steel- or wooden-based seating.

Lightweight Design

Because plastic is used the whole frame is light. This makes it easier to move the chairs and even small children can move them. It also becomes important when having to store the chairs by means of stacking.


In addition, the products can be manufactured in a wide range of colours, sizes and styles, ensuring versatility not possible with other materials. With such, comes customization possibilities and thus improved customer satisfaction.


Retailers selling plastic chairs as part of outdoor furniture, schools using such for sport functions, churches requiring extra seating or event organisers that use large numbers of chairs, benefit from the manufacturing of plastic-based products.

Why Buy Local?

Apart from being able to inspect the quality of the products, customers save on import costs including taxes. If the supplier is local, one can easily order more chairs upon short notice. Employment opportunities are created and pricing is low.

Selecting the Manufacturer

The manufacturer must have a solid track record of manufacturing a wide range of plastic related products including plastic chairs, must be reasonably priced and willing to go the extra mile to ensure superior quality and customer service. The International Group of Companies fits the profile perfectly.