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Quality Plastic Container Manufacturing – Basic Materials Used

A high quality plastic container made for the purpose of keeping liquids can be recycled, has longevity and can keep the product contained clean and fresh. One just has to look around to realise that plastic products have become part of modern life for various reasons:

  • Many of the quality plastic containers can be recycled.
  • Durability of the products.
  • Lightweight features for transport, packing, stacking and moving around.
  • Attractiveness of the containers.
  • Flexibility offered where one type of container can be used for a wide range of applications.
  • Low cost of production ensures lower costs for the customer.
  • Mass production is possible because of moulds used.
  • Relative ease of cleaning.
  • Wide variety of colours and shapes.

A quality plastic container such as a bottle is made from a substance suitable for holding liquids such as oil, medicine, milk, water, and soda. Other plastic containers are the ones used for holding microwave foods, school lunches, stationary, and any products needed to be stored. Some plastics can even hold hazardous materials.

High quality plastic containers in the form of bottles first became used in the late 1940s. Although at first too expensive for mass production, plastic bottles became widely used after the introduction of HDP or high density polyethylene. It made it possible to mass produce plastic containers which have the features of being lightweight, robust in nature, and cost effective as packing material. Soon, glass was replaced when it came to soft drinks and milk related products. The food industries are heavily reliant on the use of plastics and today the largest part of food packaging is done using some form of plastics.

The plastics used for the making of a quality plastic container can be completely synthetic or in part made from an organic type solid. Most plastics can be categorised as a type of polymer that has features which enhance performance while also ensuring lower manufacturing costs. With excellent retainer capacity and low production costs as part of the equation, one can understand why quality plastic containers are widely used in modern society.

The main characteristic of plastics is the feature of flexibility. One can easily mould plastics. The original meaning of the name says it all. It is derived from the Greek word of plastikos which means exactly that of being moulded. The malleability of the material is what allows modern manufacturers to craft an extensive range of quality plastic containers suitable for a wide range of applications.

Main Types of Plastics

The main categories of plastics used by high manufacturers are that of:

  • Polymer by means of thermosetting
  • Thermo-based plastics

Thermo Set Plastics

These polymers are moulded only once to take on a solid form.

Thermo-based Plastics

The plastic doesn’t undergo any form of chemical transformation when heat is applied. This type of plastic can be remoulded and includes several types such as:

  • Polystyrene
  • Polyethylene

Other forms include that of PTFF and polyvinyl chloride.

High density polyethylene is the most common resin used for the making of containers such as plastic bottles while polyester is used for the production of soda containing plastic bottles. Low density polyethylene is used for products where squeezing will be required while polyvinyl chloride is used for the making of food oil and vinegar containers. Polypropylene is used for the making of containers which must have high moisture barriers for liquids such as syrups. Polystyrene is used for food packaging.

The International Group Of Companies is one of the leading high quality plastic container manufacturers in South Africa able to produce large quantities of plastic related products for industry, wholesale, and retail applications.