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Best Plastic Bag Suppliers Of Refuse and Fruit Packaging Pockets

If you are looking for bulk plastic bag suppliers in South Africa, especially as retailer, and farmer or garden company, you will want one that can:

  • Supply in demand.
  • Provide a wide range of bags to select from.
  • Is local to ensure that the bags are made for South African conditions including environmental.
  • Provide the bags at affordable bulk prices.
  • Produce related products to ensure that you only have to purchase from one supplier.

The International Group of Companies (IGC) is one of the top plastic bag suppliers in the country. With more than six decades in the country and a formidable player in the plastic packaging industry, we can supply bags at exceptionally low cost.

Refuse Bags

Municipalities, large companies, plants, farmers, and retailers benefit from the range of super strong refuse bags available from us. Not only are the bags strong, they are also manufactured to be bio-degradable according to legislation for such bags. We can supply in bulk and as a company with more than 1000 employees, we can definitely provide in the supply demand. Since we are a local company consisting of three large companies, we can also produce the products at remarkably low prices.

The IGC negotiates prices on raw materials used in the making of the plastic bags to ensure that we can provide the bags at competitive prices without having to compromise on quality. We can do this because of our longstanding relationships with suppliers, reputation in the industry, and the large quantities we order.

Plastic Bag Supplier of Polypropylene Products

Polypropylene bags are used in industry and in the agricultural sector. The bags supplied by us are made specifically to hold vegetables or fruits. As such you get punched and solid bags. The punched bags are used for the packaging of produce that needs breathing space as such is important to prevent condensation and subsequent damaging of produce.

We are one of the plastic bag suppliers in the country that makes extensive use of polypropylene as base material not only for plastic bags, but also for a range of other packaging materials. It is a strong material that shows a high resistance level to chemicals and is one of the most cost effective materials to use. With the further qualities of shape retaining abilities, it will not change shape when it becomes hot. In South Africa with its warm temperatures, this is important. The bags made from the material will also not lose their shape because of use.

Whether clients want see through bags or solid colour ones, we are one of the best plastic bag suppliers to meet the demand requirements. Butcher bags are normally see through and will also not change because of hot water application.

Use of Propylene for Other Packaging Products

Not only are we one of the largest plastic bag suppliers in country, but also a leader in the supply of a large range of packaging products. With that then we use polypropylene also for food packaging materials including plates to ensure sturdy products that will not change shape with average heated water application.

Other Bags Available

Apart from the polypropylene bags already mentioned we also supply polyethylene bags suitable for fruit and vegetable packaging. The bags come in various colours to suit the particular product and crop. Such includes circular woven bags upon which can be printed. The bags are used in the food and agricultural sectors.

IGC as plastic bag supplier consists of Landpak, International Bag Buyers, and Brits Bag Manufacturers, all three companies which have a reputation for excellence.