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Plastic Packaging Supplier Offering a Wide Range of Products at Affordable Prices

As a leading plastic packaging supplier we offer a wide range of products including:

  • Tape
  • Wrapping film
  • Plastic Rolls


Various industries require plastic packaging and with that then also come the issue of affordability. When purchasing from a South African company clients have the benefit of not having to pay for import duties. In addition, they also have the assurance that a South African supplier will and must comply with the warranty regulations of the Consumer Protection Act. In addition, products are made for the local weather conditions and with quality guaranteed; the client thus has lower pricing, less frustration, faster delivery, and improved communication in addition to warranties.

Soft Plastic Packaging

Products in the range are used by butchers, retailers, hardware agents, green grocers, and supermarkets. Bags are transparent for display purposes. For nurseries we also supply plastic plant bags in a wide variety of sizes. Bottling companies and bulk suppliers purchase the plastic bottles and lids in the size range of 250ml to 2 litters.

Cardboard and Paper Based Packaging

Not only are we a trusted plastic packaging supplier, but we also supply cardboard boxes and cartons as well as egg trays. Whether you need charcoal, vegetable or potato packaging you will appreciate the extensiveness of our range.

Vegetable Pockets – Circular Woven

The circular woven pockets are made to last up to three months. We ensure that the products are UV additive treated for the prolonging of the life expectancy. The bags are made from virgin polypropylene and come in various sizes as well as a whole range of colours including:

  • Red
  • White
  • Black
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Orange
  • Green


True to our commitment to superior customer service, clients can also request the bags to be custom printed.

Woven Vegetable Pockets

Available in sizes of 10 kg and 25 kg respectively the woven vegetable pockets are made from virgin polypropylene and come in colours such as white, brown, purple, red, and green. Polypropylene tape is used as the adhesive.

Knitted Vegetable Pockets

As a plastic packaging supplier, we also produce a range of knitted vegetable pockets made from high density polyethylene known for superior strength. The pockets come in sizes ranging from to 2 kg to large 25 kg bags. The colours are selected according to the crop and we thus have colour options ranging from green, purple, mandarin and red to white, tangerine, orange and yellow. We use the HDPE flat tap filler stitch as adhesive for added strength.

Fomo Packaging

As can be expected from a leading plastic supplier, we do not stay with pockets, but also produce a range of fomo packaging products such as trays, containers, seedling trays and fomo cups. Because of the excellent heat retaining qualities of fomo, the cups are ideal for holding warm beverages without losing their shape. It is also a material that is well recycled in South Africa.

Full Extend of Our Products and Services

Because we are a group of companies with more than 60 years industry experience, we have learned how to adapt products to suit client needs. In addition, we recognize the importance for clients to have a single supplier of a wide variety of plastics and packaging materials. With that in mind and because we are three companies, each specialising in certain product lines, we are able to manufacture from shade cloth to dustbins, moulded plastic chairs and electric fence droppers to fomo, cardboard, and plastic packaging.

If you thus want top quality and extremely competitive prices, look no further. Simply view the product categories for more information and be sure to purchase from us as a top plastic packaging supplier in South Africa.