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Looking for Durable Plastic Bag Options? We Have Just What You Need

Every one of us has encountered plastic bags in the supermarkets and shopping malls that are used to carry our groceries and purchases. A plastic bag will generally cost us just a few cents and as a result is known to be provided as a cost-effective form of fruit, vegetable and grocery packaging across the entire country.

When seeking out reliable and cost-effective suppliers of various forms of the plastic bag; The International Group of Companies outshines the rest. This particular company is one that has complete faith its products and as a result, they offer to replace any of their plastic bags supplied to you that end up having any sort of material defect or manufacturing flaw.

Durability and functionality is to be expected from each plastic bag that forms part of The International Group of Companies range. Regardless of what your budget is, there is a packaging solution available from us. 

Plastic Food Packaging Products Available On the Market

When it comes to plastic food packaging you can find the following well known and absolutely useful products as part of our range at The International Group of Companies: 

  • Woven vegetable pockets – virgin polypropylene is woven to form these durable bags. This particular type of plastic bag is manufactured in various colours which are crop specific. You can expect to find them available in 10kg and 25kg sizes. A weaving machine is used in order to weave the polypropylene tape and polypropylene monofilament together.
  • Knitted vegetable pockets – these plastic bags are created by the Rachel knitting machine. Virgin high density polyethylene is used in the manufacturing process and various sizes are made available from 2kg to 25kg. They are also manufactured in various colours in order to be crop specific.
  • Circular plastic bags – polypropylene with anti UV additives is used to create these particular bags. Each plastic bag in this range has a 3 month life expectancy. These are the general grocery bags that you find at the local super market. They are available in various colours and those making use of them can choose to use them branded or plain – the choice is theirs.

While each of these types of bags provide for durable and reliable plastic food packaging options, at The International Group of Companies we are always looking for ways in which to add to and improve our range. Our goal is to ensure that you, our client, have access to a wide range of plastic packaging products that are well priced and guaranteed to last.

We offer a warranty on all of our products, but there are terms and conditions involved. For instance there must be an original invoice shown for the purchase of the goods, samples of the damaged product must be available and our staff members must be granted access to your premises to see the materials which are damaged, on site. Should you be able to comply, we will be happy to replace the goods.

Of course we have many years of experience serving the market at The International Group of Companies. Our staff members are friendly, professional and always more than eager to assist clients in every way possible. When it comes to plastic bag and plastic food packaging – we have more than just options for you – we have solutions.

Take just a few moments out of your busy day to discuss your plastic bag supply needs with one of our sales staff members. We will ensure that you are provided with options to choose from, at rates that are absolutely affordable. For customised packaging options – simply enquire and we will furnish you with the various types and styles available to choose from.