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The International
Group of Companies
A Market Leader in Plastic Textiles

Plastic For Packaging

Convenient And Durable - Plastic For Packaging

We come across plastic for packaging in every aspect of our day to day lives. When we visit the grocery store, the fruiterers, the butchery and fast food outlets we are confronted with some form of plastic used for packaging.  The use of plastic for packaging has transformed our everyday lives, making carrying, handling and transporting of goods so much easier and more convenient.

The International Group of Companies was formed over 60 years ago and we have grown in size and increased our product range phenomenally over the years. We are now a black owned, multi-million rand company that employs over 1000 people producing everything from plastic for packaging through to shade cloth, pocket and bags, twines, moulded plastic and hardware. We have firmly established ourselves as the market leader in plastic textiles.          

The Plastic Packaging Range

The International Group of Companies offers a wide range of packaging materials from cardboard and fomo to soft plastic for packaging. We have clients in all sectors of the market place including agriculture, commercial and industrial sectors. Our ranges include the following:

  • Cardboard and Paper Packaging – this comprises of cardboard cartons and boxes in various sizes, egg trays, paper bags
  • Fomo Packaging – Fomo trays and containers, Fomo cups, seedling trays
  • Soft Plastic for Packaging – plastic bags for use in butcheries, to pack ice, pack vegetables and fruit etc as well as 1 litre up to 18.8 litre bags. We also manufacture plastic bottles and lids
  • Miscellaneous Packaging Materials – we carry a wide range of miscellaneous plastic packaging materials that includes – tags and stickers, staplers and staples, tape, wrapping film, crates, dispensers, fastening equipment, pallet packaging and plastic rolls

For a comprehensive list and price structure of everything from the plastic for packaging through to shade cloth contact The International Group of Companies – we will sort out all your packaging requirements.