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Plastic Droppers Designed for Being Used on Security Fences

If you are looking for a range of top quality and durable plastic droppers on the market, then you have come to the right place – International Group of Companies. If you aren’t already aware, these items are used widely across the country on electric fences and are a new addition to our moulded plastics range on our catalogue. Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) is used to manufacture these units which are made available in a variety of sizes from 1.2m to 3m and internal diameter measurements from 20mm to 25mm.

An electric fence requires each of its wires to be kept apart – when cables touch or are touched, the alarm on the fence is triggered and the fence sends out a shock. The plastic droppers are tasked with ensuring that each of the wires is kept the same distance away from the other. Their durable design is flexible and also able to absorb certain movements and motions. Electric fences are often bumped or impacted by wildlife or pets.

Steel droppers on the market are slowly being moved away from as more and more people are finding it more beneficial to invest in plastic varieties. Some of the reasons for this are quite obvious – with crime on the increase, the steel units are often stolen off the fences and this can be a costly inconvenience for fence owners. Polyethylene units are not often stolen and if they are, they are less costly to replace. The fact that they do not easily fall victim to exposure to the elements and also don’t rust means that they are a wise investment as well.

These units are also quite durable against damage which can be caused by animals and insects. They are also quite resilient when exposed to fires and can handle impressive heat levels. It is proven that they will deform at 180 degrees Celsius, melt at 220 degrees Celsius and burn at 300 degrees Celsius. With this alone in mind there is absolutely every reason to believe that you are making a great investment when purchasing these products from us at International Group of Companies.

If you aren’t sure what choice to make for your fence, fear not. Our sales consultants will happily advise you on the best options for you and ensure that you are able to make an informed and educated decision about your purchase. With our 60 years of experience in the business we have a multitude of products to present to the market and our clients. We are also BEE compliant and proudly employ more than 600 people – all of which are trained to provide our clients with a service excellence that is second to none in the industry.

Our company is made up of 4 specialist companies which each operate separately. You may have encountered one or more of our concerns namely; Landpak (Pty) Ltd which was started in 1984, Brits Bag Manufacturers (Pty) Ltd which, International Bag Buyers which has been operating in excess of 60 years and YouFam CC.

At International Group of Companies we also specialise in a variety of packaging products. When taking a close look at our website and catalogue you will find that we present extra items such as woven pockets, bags, cardboard, fomo, soft plastics, and even shade cloth to the market. In addition to this we also manufacture vegetable packaging, hard ware items and a number of miscellaneous products that you encounter on an everyday basis. If it is durability and product quality that you are looking for then what we have to offer is guaranteed to meet with your every need and expectation.

If you are shopping around for the best priced plastic droppers on the market then you will find it quite interesting to compare quotations from International Group of Companies and other suppliers. You will notice that these items are well priced, offer exceptional value for money and a product quality that is impressive.
The team at the International Group of Companies is standing by to assist you with your purchase and to ensure that you are presented with only the finest quality items on the market. Chat to one of our consultants today.