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Plastic Textiles South Africa

There Are Many Products Made Of Plastic Textiles In South Africa

Many types of plastic textiles in South Africa are used in the packaging industry.  A manufacturer that produces plastic textiles in South Africa should be able to afford you access to a vast range of related plastic textile products.  In addition, they should be represented in several provinces and should be able to serve your needs anywhere in South Africa.  To ensure that you only work with the best, research the company; if they have been supplying plastic textiles in South Africa for decades and have a proven track record, you can establish a business relationship with confidence.

One of the most common types of plastic textiles in South Africa is the common soft plastic bag used by grocers, butchers, clothing shops and other retailers to pack customers' purchases.  Soft plastic bags can be made in virtually any size or colour.  Their thickness is measured in microns (one micron is one-thousandth of a millimetre) and the bigger the bag, the thicker it should be to carry the load without tearing.  Retailers' plastic bags always have handles for easy carrying, but the bags that nurseries use and in which they grow and sell plants usually do not have handles.

Other uses of plastic textiles in South Africa include the manufacture of knitted and woven vegetable pockets.  These pockets are usually made of high-density polypropylene or polyethylene and are woven into a tough mesh to form versatile bags that allow fresh air ventilation for their contents (usually vegetables or fruit) as well as easy identification of their crops.  Plastic textiles in South Africa are also used in the manufacture of related plastic moulded products like plastic garden chairs, basins, dustbins, plastic fence droppers and many more products.

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