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Plastic wrapping film is a thin plastic film that is used for cling wrap or food wrap. This type of wrapping is used to keep food products fresher for longer. Plastic wrapping is often sold in rolls with a serrated edge for easy cutting. It is a plastic that will easily cling to a smooth surface and thus easily encloses the top of containers. When looking for this type of plastic wrapping in Gauteng on a large scale basis, it is important to shop around for product quality and cost effectiveness.

The International Group of Companies is a supplier of plastic wrapping in Gauteng. This particular supplier of plastic wrapping is dedicated to providing its clients with a top quality product that offers durability and absolute value for money. The International Group of Companies has been supplying the South African packaging market with top quality plastic wrapping and other products for over 60 years. Their catalogue extends to include items such as twine, moulded plastic, fomo packaging products, knitted vegetable pockets, shade cloth, cardboard cartons and various miscellaneous products such as tape, tags, stickers, staples, plastic rolls, crates, fastening equipment and palette packaging.

Regardless of your reasons for requiring plastic wrapping in Gauteng, obtaining top quality and cost effective products is key. You will find that The International Group of Companies is able to offer you a complete packaging solution that is able to cater to your every need and budget. A chat to any of their friendly staff members will have you provided with a wealth of valuable information and product knowledge in order to assist you with making an educated decision regarding your packaging needs.

If you are looking for plastic wrapping in Gauteng, take the time to contact The International Group of Companies and chat to them about their extensive range of plastic packaging products today.