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Affordable Plastic Bags

Wide Range Of Affordable Plastic Bags To Suit Your Packaging Needs

Retailers often struggle to get suitable and affordable plastic bags for repackaging of products for display purposes. This is especially true for electronic and hardware stores. Finding the best affordable plastic bags that are sturdy and in the right sizes should no longer be a problem. The International Group of Companies, as a leading supplier of a wide range of affordable, sturdy and durable plastic bags, also makes smaller plastic bags suitable for display purposes. Whether you need to display tool sets, nuts & bolts or larger items such as files in pockets, you will appreciate the range of plastic bags available from us.

Ice suppliers also often struggle to get durable and thick enough see through and affordable plastic bags.Because of the freezing of the water and the direct contact of the ice with the plastic walls, it is essential that the plastic walls must be thick enough to ensure that the bags don’t rip or tear. We supply a wide range of affordable and sturdy plastic bags suitable for ice.

Supermarkets require biodegradable and as affordableas it gets, types of plasticbags and because of our wide range of products as well as reputation for excellence, many already rely on us as their preferred supplier of affordable plastic bags.

The fruit & vegetable retailer needs affordable vegetable plastic bags which are perforated to ensure enough airflow around the vegetables. We can also supply such in various sizes. From the above information it becomes clear that the International Group of Companies can supply farmers, retailers, supermarkets, and industry with the most appropriate and affordable plastic bags for their particular purposes. View our range of products including affordable boxes, trays and plastic bags and contact us to discuss your packaging supply requirements.