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High Quality Plastic Bags For A Wide Range Of Uses

The quality plastic bags available from us come in various micron thickness levels. Plastic bags normally come with three sides fused and one opening. Although we offer a wide range of quality plastic bags made from various materials the most common types are made through a tubular film process whereby we introduce air into the middle of a specific die which blows up a tube of polythene. Air blows onto the plastic film which is then cooled. Further processing is done and the sealing of each of the quality plastic bags takes place.

When considering the whole process of manufacturing high quality packaging products such as plastic bagsavailable from us, one can almost not believe the affordability of such products. Yet, because of large scale manufacturing, we are able to produce the highest quality of plastic bags at the lowest possible prices. Being South African based, we are able to ensure quick delivery of products and we understand the requirements for the South African market.

Various types of resins can be used in the making of quality, but affordable plastic bags including Ethylene Polymer, Liner Low Density Polymer, Polypropylene and Polyvinyl Chloride. The resin used depends on the type of bag required and the end purpose of the bag. For food packing more often than not a Polyvinyl Chloride will be used. 

The types of high quality and affordable plastic bags one gets includes plain bags, film type bags, sealed types, shrink films, film rolls, single sheets, drawstrings, and zipper bags. The varieties are almost endless. As such the ideal is to purchase from a well established supplier of quality plastic bags such as the International Group of Companies, which can supply the specific type of bag your company needs. Contact us for more information regarding the various types of plastic bags available from us and for pricing information.