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Different Types Of Plastic Drums

Plastic drums or canisters are the ideal way to package and transport a wide range of products and materials especially those that are in liquid form. There are basically two types of plastic drums available on the market, open or closed head drums. An open head drum requires a lid to close the product and keep the materials inside safe and secure. Closed head plastic drums do not require a lid and use a spout, nozzle or small opening through which liquid can be poured in and out of the drum.

It is important to take into account the type of materials that the plastic drums will be holding when choosing this type of packaging. Abrasive, acidic or chemical materials are not suitable to be held in plastic drums as they will corrode the plastic causing leaks and corrupting the solidity of the drum. This also has the disadvantage of contaminating the product or material that is being held in the plastic drums. Always first enquire form your plastic drums supplier whether the material or product you wish to place in the drum is suitable or not. Other types of drums such as metal can be used to hold more corrosive elements.

Plastic drums also come in a range of different size to accommodate different types of requirements. The smallest of these is normally a 25 litre drum with the largest having the capacity to hold up to 210 litres. You can choose from a range of stock plastic drums or you can find out whether your plastic drum supplier can tailor make a drum to your specifications. Remember to take into account the weight of the plastic drums when they are filled in choosing a size to suit your needs.

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