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Choose your plastic bag manufacturer carefully.  If you have wide-ranging packaging needs that extend beyond mere plastic bags, first ensure that your supplier can offer a full service and supply you with all the packaging materials you may need.  It makes no sense to run around among a host of suppliers and fragment your packaging logistics in such a way.  It will inevitably lead to logistical complications and influence your bottom line.

plastic bag manufacturer should firstly be able to offer you all the plastic bag options, so you can choose what suits you best.  Of course, the most common type of plastic bag is the soft plastic bags used in supermarkets for groceries.  These can be had in many colours and with a design of your specification printed on them.  The mesh bags that are used to pack fruit and vegetables are also in the plastic bag family; they may be knitted or woven and are usually manufactured from virgin high-density polyethylene or virgin polypropylene.  A third type is the woven circular bag.

All of the above are available in a range of colours, which are normally crop-specific.  The woven and knitted pockets are mesh-type bags that allow maximum air ventilation and resists condensation and mildew.  Mesh bags also use less material, so you can be assured that you do your bit for the environment.  On top of this, they are extraordinarily tough and can stand a lot of abuse during transport, packing and handling.

The International Group of Companies is a top South African, black-owned plastic bag manufacturer.  Select from a large range of woven, knitted and soft plastic bags in a wide range of colours and sizes.  We also manufacture all other manner of packaging solutions.  Contact us.