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Plastic Shopping Bags Are Made Cheaply In Bulk

The humble plastic shopping bags that are so commonplace today have revolutionised the way we shop and carry things.  These plastic bags are extremely cheap to manufacture and they are tough and durable at the same time.  The first types were free, but rather thin and frail and if you had bought something heavy like a bottle of milk, you would often need two bags – one inside the other – to carry it, lest the bag breaks.  Later legislation required plastic bag manufacturers to make stronger bags and consumers had to pay for them.

These stronger plastic shopping bags are re-usable and have limited the littering problem of the previous thin, free bags; people are less inclined to throw something out if they had paid for it and, after all, these new bags could be used many times before they broke.  A vast range of shopping bags is available today and all the supermarket chains have their bags branded with the name, colours and logo of their supermarket.

Fabric shopping bags have also arrived on the scene and these are tough and smart enough to be re-used many times to carry shopping or anything else.  However, many consumers forget to carry their fabric bags with them – or the plastic bags they had taken home after the last shopping trip – and end up buying yet more plastic bags at the supermarket – a recycling culture should therefore be encouraged.

The International Group of Companies is based in Brits and has been manufacturing plastic shopping bagsand other packaging solutions for many years.  Our specialist products include cardboard packaging, paper bags, fomo trays and cups and moulded plastic products like chairs, piping, boilers, dustbins and basins.  For more information, contact us.