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Clear Polypropylene Bag

Reliable and Leading Clear Polypropylene Bag Supplier in South Africa

The International Group of Companies manufactures high quality clear polypropylene bag packaging for vegetables and related food produce.


The bags are made from a thermostatic polymer which is also used in the making of other types of packaging products, containers, and appliances. Polymer is strong and durable. Because of its unique qualities it is often used for the making of clear bags. Various sizes are available and one can also purchase plastic bags with punched holes. The holes are important to prevent moisture build-up on the packed vegetables.

Polypropylene Bags for the Agricultural Industry

We manufacture an extensive range of clear, knitted and woven polypropylene bag packaging materials suitable for the agricultural industry. The knitted woven vegetable pockets are made from high density polyethylene and bags in sizes 2 to 25 kg can be bought. Because we believe in customization to meet client requirements, we now produce numerous colour bags including tangerine, red, purple, orange, white, mandarin, and green bags in the above category. Printing can be done according to the customer’s requirements.

The woven types of clear polypropylene bags are available in 10 as well as 25 kg options. Once again, the customer has various colour options such as green, white, brown, red and purple. Our circular woven vegetable bags are made from virgin polypropylene and treated to be UV resistant. This helps to ensure a minimum lifespan of three months. The bags can be purchased in plain or pre-printed format according to client requirements. Various sizes are available including 30 by 45 and 72 by 120cm bags. Bag colour options include blue, purple, white, red, yellow, black, orange, and green.

Soft Packaging Materials

We are also a leading clear polypropylene bag manufacturer that supplies a range of soft transparent plastic bags including the likes of butcher, vegetable, ice, handy, and fruit bags. In addition, plastic plant bags as well as bottles and lids can be bought from us.

Other Packaging Materials

True to our commitment to meet client requirements not only when it comes to clear polypropylene bag supply, but also regarding all other food packaging needs, we manufacture a range of related products.

Fomo packaging materials for the fast food, medical and retail industries are extremely popular. Fomo products keep their shape well even when exposed to hot water. As such warm foods and beverages can be served in the containers. The products are furthermore widely used by supermarkets for vegetable packaging, and butchers for meat displays.

Cardboard Packaging

We manufacture vegetable and fruit boxes, egg trays and a range of paper bags suitable for packaging of potatoes as well as charcoal.

Add-on Materials

As a clear polypropylene bag supplier to various industries, we have found that many of our clients also want to purchase adhesives, tapes, and related materials such as pallets and twine from us. We thus constantly add to our product offering to ensure that we can meet the client’s packaging requirements.

Why IGC as Supplier?

It is imperative to select a supplier of bags and packaging materials that can meet most or all of your food packaging needs. In this way you will save on costs as you will get a better price on all the products purchased because of the order size. In addition, it minimizes the administration involved regarding accounts and communication with the supplier.

IGC has been around for a long time. We have more than a 1000 employees and consist of three major packaging and supply companies. We can meet from clear polypropylene bag to cardboard and paper packaging requirements of the client. If you want personal service, competitive bulk prices and access to an extensive range of products we should be your first choice as supplier.