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Polypropylene Bags South Africa

Investing in a Range of Top Quality Polypropylene Bags in South Africa

Vegetables such as onions, butternut, potatoes and similar are packaged in polypropylene bags in South Africa. These bags are plastic woven bags and known to be extremely durable. These bags are also vastly popular as they ensure that the vegetables packaged within them do not rot prematurely. This is ensured as the bags allow for air to flow freely through them which allows for the bag and its contents to “breathe”. The fact that these bags are very hard to break makes them a popular product. They are manufactured in various colours so that one can differentiate between crops. A quick glance will allow you to tell the contents of the packaging as the bag is essentially woven to form a mesh.

Polypropylene bags made in South Africa are woven from virgin polypropylene tape or monofilament. A weaving machine is used in the manufacturing process to produce bags that can support between 10kg and 25kg weights.  At The International Group of Companies our products are designed to provide exceptional durability and absolute value for money. When investing in one or a whole range of these bags, you can expect to not be disappointed. Of course if you find that any of our bags have a material fault or manufacturing flaw, let us know and we will gladly replace them for you. All you will need to have to show us is your original invoice, samples of the product that is damage or flawed, and of course allow for us to visit your premises to view these.

Included in our range of regular woven polypropylene bags are those that have a UV resistant additive and are guaranteed to last up to 3 months. These are the circular woven bags that are generally used in supermarkets. Most supermarkets have these bags branded for advertising purposes as they are typically re-used by those who purchase them at the store. There are many colours available with these bags including brown, green, white, purple, red, blue, black, orange and yellow. There are various sizes that you can also choose from, with the biggest measuring 72cm x 120cm and the smallest measuring 30cm x 45cm. Customising your plastic bags, is something that we can assist with at The International Group of Companies too.

The International Group of Companies has been supplying polypropylene bags to the South African market for over 60 years now. We are known to be one of the country’s leading textile manufacturers and have earned ourselves a great reputation for delivering our products on time and to the highest quality at all times. Cost-effective products that present absolute value for money can be expected from The International Group of Companies. While we are based in Pretoria we are more than willing to provide our products to any province in the country. Our dedication to manufacturing top quality products that can be relied on at all times shines through in each successful sale.

In addition to our polypropylene bags we also supply other packaging products to the market that might interest you such as egg trays, paper bags, Fomo trays and containers, vegetable and fruit packaging, cardboard cartons and so on. All of these products are priced just as well as our polypropylene bags and are known to be just as durable.

When seeking out a range of polypropylene bags in South Africa along with a range of other packaging options and products, take the time to chat to us at The International Group of Companies. We will ensure that all of your packaging needs are professionally handled and that you are presented with a range of top quality and cost-effective packaging options available on the market.