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The Quality of Woven Polypropylene Bags is Important

Today, in the light of the depressed economic conditions, it has become common practice to pay rather more attention to the price tags than to the actual worth of the goods they adorn. All too often, when opting for economy it will eventually turn out to have been at the expense of quality and one example can be seen among those wholesalers and retailers that, in their various businesses, choose to make use of the cheaper variety of woven polypropylene bags.

The average consumer may be inclined to think that the sole purpose of these items is transportation and, although this is true in part, it is far from being the whole story. The important key word that is missing from that assumption is “safe”. Goods transported in this material must be protected from the factors that can commonly lead to spoiled and damaged contents.

Often, when travelling one of South Africa’s minor roads people will stop to buy fresh produce from a farm stall. By eliminating the high cost involved in the use of middleman, the stallholder is able to offer the clients first class produce at prices that are normally well below those prevailing at the local supermarket. From time to time however, a buyer may find that, open opening the boot to retrieve one of these bargains, the pocket has split and the contents have spilled across the floor where the bouncing of the vehicle may even have caused damage to some of the spilled items.

This, however, in no way implies that the component synthetic material is lacking in the required strength; it is, after all, quite commonly incorporated into concrete in order to strengthen it and is used to make lightweight ropes that are able to support extremely heavy loads.  Instead, the only possible explanation for this occurrence is that the item was very old or that its failure was a reflection of some factor ignored rather than stressed during its manufacture. One of the factors responsible for the performance of woven plastics such as the polypropylene used to manufacture these bags is the quality of the initial raw material.

The International Group of Companies has been supplying retailers, wholesalers and farmers in South Africa with top of the range, plastic textile products of this type since the launch of Landpak, one of the group’s two modern and efficient manufacturing divisions, in 1984. All of its products can be totally relied upon to use only the purest raw ingredients free of any contaminants that might possibly prove harmful either to their contents or their handlers or that might be detrimental to the product’s performance.

Despite this, one of the properties of this material is that, when exposed to sunlight, it does undergo a gradual degradation. To combat this effect and to ensure that the necessary, elasticity and tensile strength are maintained throughout its useful lifespan, the better products in this category will have undergone treatment with agents designed to retard these adverse effects of the UV radiation in sunlight.

These treatments may be applied in varying degrees and using different chemicals so that, for instance, these temporary containers may be allowed to degrade once finished with and will not normally be intended for re-use. By contrast, the same raw material is commonly used in the manufacture of the shade cloth employed in smallholdings and commercial nurseries or in company parking lots and so reliable forms of this type of product must be subjected to a longer-lasting treatment.

Another characteristic of this material that can prove useful and is frequently quite important to purchasers is its elasticity that prevents damage to the contents likely with more rigid plastics. To this, add a choice of colours and sizes and it becomes clear why so many of those seeking top quality woven polypropylene bags, choose the International Group of Companies.