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Looking to Buy Woven Polypropylene Bags?

If you want to buy woven polypropylene bags in South Africa, you have lot of options, and it is therefore essential to know what the exact requirements are for your product.

When it comes to agricultural products, woven polypropylene bags are very suitable, as it is a great material for packing and transport for vegetable and fruit products.  The flexible material cushions the product and will not bruise or damage soft or sensitive produce.  It is also very resilient and tough, and can carry heavy loads, such as pumpkins and squash, effectively and safely, without tearing or breaking.  The bags are designed to allow expansion and contraction of the bags, which will vary according to the produce which is being carried by the bag. 

Even though the bags are mass produced, they come in a variety of sizes which is most appropriate for the quantity and the variety of produce it is used for, and can cater for large as well as small items of produce.  It is essential to select the correct sizes when ordering your woven bags, as it has to be suited to the product.  Even if the bags are tough and strong, it is wise to order smaller bags for heavy items, as bags that are too heavy will influence how the product is handled, offloaded and uploaded. 

The bags are normally also colour coded in relation to the product that will be contained.  For instance, yellow bags are used for potatoes, while carrots can into orange bags.  This can improve the overall aesthetic of the product, making it more attractive to customers.

Various types of PP bags are manufactured, and there is now a choice when it comes to the density of the bags.  Where large amounts of products are to be contained, the density will be lower, and in the case of smaller quantities, the density will be lower.  The low density materials give the bags a consistency similar to a net, which allows for good air flow over the product.  This allows the produce to breathe and keeps condensation to a minimum, thereby preventing mould or decomposition, and so extends the produce lifespan.

The International Group of companies specialise in providing woven bags for agricultural produce, and manufacture the bags in knitted as well as woven formats.  We can also provide circular weave products.  All our products are available in a wide range of colours, specifications and sizes.

Their knitted vegetable bags are made from high density polypropylene and come in two to twenty five kilogram bag sizes.  They are pillar stitched to make them strong, and can be ordered in a wide range of colour to suit any type of agricultural crop.  The woven PP bags are made of virgin polypropylene and come in bag sizes from ten to twenty five kilograms in all the suitable agricultural colours.  The bags are closed up with polypropylene tape which keeps the produce safely inside the bag.  All of these have a very long lifespan and can be re-used.

The circular woven bags are made from virgin polypropylene with the addition of ultraviolet ray protection, which extends the lifespan of the bags to at least three months.  Various sizes are available in a wide range of colours to suit the produce.  These bags can be printed in accordance with the requirements of the customer.

In addition to providing high quality woven bags, the Internal Group of companies also offer a warrantee on their woven bags.  Should the customer find that more than 0.5 percent of the merchandise contains any defect resulting from a manufacture or material fault, we will replace the entire shipment of that product.  The original purchase invoice has to be retained by the client and presented upon any claim, as well as evidence of product damage as a result of faulty packaging.  The International Group will also carry out an on-site inspection to look at the faulty materials and damaged goods before products will be replaced.

The International Group of companies have been specialising in packaging for more than five decades, and have ample knowledge and experience.  If you want to buy woven polypropylene bags and is in need of advice or information, please contact us immediately.