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Need to Order Woven Polypropylene Bags?

There are many types of this type of bags on the market, and they all differ in characteristics, functions and uses.  When you order woven polypropylene bags, or simply called woven PP bags, it is important to know more about the product you want to order.  You have to consider its uses and functions, and also the size and shapes of the bags you need.

Woven PP bags are very tough and resilient, and are usually the best option for packing of heavy and loose materials such as sugar and grains.  Animal feed, fertilizing materials and chemicals arealso packaged, stored and transported in the bags.  Other industry applications include building cement and sand for construction and gardening uses.  In addition to this, woven bags or fabric are also used in the manufacture of furniture, cars, construction and equipment for recreational purposes, such as trampolines.  Polypropylene beats steel in strength when measured on weight, yet the fabric which is created from this material is very lightweight and resilient.  The bags are also re-useable and are therefore considered to be reasonably environmentally friendly.

The advantages of woven PP bags are that they are water resistant and dust proof, and are very strong while still maintaining flexibility.  They can also be woven according to specifications, and can be custom printed (double side) according to requirements.  They provide good protection from UV rays, and have a dense denier.  The length and the colours can all be dictated by the customer, and printing can be done in up to four colours, and can be done on one or both sides.  The bags can also be laminated upon request.  Bags can be made in various colours to denote differences between products, and in agriculture, are quite often matched to the colour of the products that will be packaged – oranges are packaged in orange bags, gem squash in green bags, etc.

Woven PP bags can be used for other purposes too, and these bags are a good marketing gimmick.  Bags which are custom made and printed can promote the name of a brand.  Some companies give their products better exposure by making small woven bags with a logo or band name on it as shopping or novelty bags, thereby making the public more aware of the product.  Bags are given to employees as shopping bags, and in some cases handed out to the public at a promotion, event or launch of a product.  Usually companies like to brand clothing items such as shirts or peak caps, but these generally do not get worn so there is less exposure.  People are more receptive to the printedbags, as they are useful and practical items, and they are more readily used than a hat or branded shirt.

Even so, it is not very likely that branded woven PP bags will be used by anyone instead of their usual purse or “man-bag” but there is still a chance that the bags will be employed to carry additional items such as groceries or other items.  People can carry these bags when they do shopping or go to the beach, or while they commute.  All these situations serve as good marketing opportunities as the bags will be seen by a wide range of people, who will then become more familiar with the brand.

Woven PP bags can also be printed with a company logo and used as storage bags – when new shop is opened, the bags are printed with the shop logo and offered to customers to put their purchases in.  This can make the business look professional and inspire customer confidence.

The most popular use of these bags still centres on agriculture, as these bags can be woven with a particular density to suit the product.  Bags can be woven with a very low density, almost in a net-format, which allows products such as potatoes or citrus fruit to be packaged securely, but still with adequate air flow to keep the products from growing mould from getting too moist.

If you need to order woven polypropylene bags then the International Group of companies is still one of the best options for agricultural packaging.  Contact us to find out more about our product range and uses.