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The International Group of Companies (ICG) is made up of four distinct companies, each with its own speciality. Collectively, we have over sixty years of experience in the plastic textile industry and are market leaders in South Africa. Our evolution as part of the new South Africa has seen us being awarded full BEE status. Landpak is the division responsible for production of shade cloth. shade cloth south africaWe have dominated the market in the area of High Density Polyethylene, which was primarily used in vegetable packaging. More recently, we have applied our knowledge to the production of various types of shade cloth to meet the different requirements of our customers.

Builder’s Shade

In response to the rapidly growing construction industry, Landpak has developed Builder’s Shade. Our excellent record for quality, providing world-class customer service, has seen our customers return to us as their preferred supplier of high-quality shade cloth. Our product is both durable and versatile, while remaining cost-effective.

Due to health and safety regulations, building sites and electrical substations need to be clearly barricaded to prevent people from accidently wondering in and injuring themselves, for which the company would be liable. The uses for Landpak’s Builders Shade are not restricted to construction with applications in the mining industry leading to even higher demand.

As a preservation device, Builder’s Shade has proven to be especially useful in the prevention and control of erosion as well as sand dune reclamation. Aside from the many construction uses that the mining industry has for Builders Shade, they also find it particularly suited to the control of ventilation in the mines.

Most commonly, we would see shade cloth being used to cordon off demolition sites or environmentally sensitive areas. The effectiveness of Builder’s Shade as a barrier has also seen its use spread to event management where it is effectively used in crowd control.


The application for shade cloth extends well beyond construction and mining sites. Since this product is so versatile and colours can easily blend in with the surroundings they are placed in, we have seen an increase in usage both commercially and domestically. A combination of durability and aesthetic contribution has seen Supershade become an instant success. This dense shade provides excellent protection from harmful UV rays in all environments. Commercial and industrial uses include storage structures and vehicle storage facilities.

Domestic use is certainly increasing as more people discover this strong and attractive alternative. Shade ports for cars and boats were one of the first applications. Its potential as a shade source was soon incorporated into patio design and playground coverings. This has also made gazebos a much more affordable garden attraction.

Summer kennels for pets is another use of Supershade that is growing in popularity, while its lightweight durability makes it a natural choice for swimming pool covers. Sports facilities have also found Supershade to be an excellent alternative to standard netting for cricket practice nets.


Landpak realised that shade cloth could be of real benefit to the farming industry. Aside from the standard benefits gained from the UV protection, Agrishade is also lock-stitched to give it extra stability. It can be fitted with convenient eyeholes to make setting up very simple.

Farmers may select a shade factor that best suits the crops or livestock that the Agrishade will be protecting. Factors range from 20% up to 80%. While rolls come in 3m x 50m as a standard size, Landpak is also able to produce custom sizes.

Benefits to Crops

Its durable nature makes shade cloth very effective against the harsh elements experienced by South African farmers. Agrishade will withstand the likes of hail, wind and heavy rain as well as protecting plants from most insect and bird species.

One of the major benefits of selecting Agrishade is the control it gives farmers over the movement of air around their crops. It allows for better water retention by reducing surface evaporation. The fact that crops can still be sprayed effectively during heavy winds means that farmers are saving on two of their biggest expenses, namely, water and fertiliser.

At Landpak, we are really proud of our range of shade cloth products. Their popular usage in both the home and commercial spaces demonstrates their versatility and attractiveness, which goes hand in hand with their unquestionable durability.