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Affordable Shade Cloth Prices

Discover Superior Quality Shade Cloth at Prices You Can Afford

South Africa is famous for its harsh elements such as severe heat, frost, wind, hail, and rain – and because of the unforgiving climate we are faced with day in and day out, there is a high demand for superior quality and affordable shade cloth. Tracking down a reputable supplier who can offer superior quality and affordable shade cloth prices is vital in industries that require it for every day usage in the agricultural, commercial and construction industries.

A supplier who sells cheap low quality shade cloth can end up costing you more in the long run than a supplier who sells high quality shade cloth at the right price. The incorrect purchase can really dent your finances, especially if it’s required for agricultural or construction purposes where large quantities are used. Let’s take a look at some of our superior quality shade cloth products and how they benefit each industry in South Africa.

Shade Cloth for Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural Requirements

  • Supershade – this superior shade cloth is ideal for commercial, industrial and domestic use. Our supreme quality shade cloth net is made to high specification and comes in a wide range of colours. When it comes to domestic usage – its benefits are endless. It is used to provide protection and shade in outdoor locations such as carport structures against hail damage, protecting assets from bird damage, protective fencing, swimming pool covers, covering verandas, patios, gazebos, vineyard structures and tennis court backings.


  • Builders Shade – this inexpensive shade cloth is mostly used in construction, demolition and mining industries. This shade cloth is cost-effective and manufactured to withstand the harsh South African weather conditions and to meet the high quality standards and requirements of the building and construction industry. Uses include the shading of work areas, ventilation in mining, prevention of erosion, crowd control, protective and shielding barriers at demolition sites and securing of scaffolding.
  • Agrishade – this high quality shade cloth is used in agricultural structures in farming and nursery environment, this durable and hard wearing shade cloth is specifically suitable for greenhouse covers and to protect UV sensitive plants and crops. Additionally it will safeguard plants from birds, pests, butterflies as well as shade livestock and poultry from harsh weather conditions. Our shade cloth is made from virgin high density Polyethylene with added UV inhibitors to protect against harmful effects of UV rays. Agrishade shade cloth is lock stitched to enhance stability and comes with eyelets for easier set-up. Shade factors range from 20-80% and sizes are made up of 3m by 50m - customised to meet our client’s requirement.


Learn About our Extraordinary Shade Cloth Quality

Landpak produces in-house with quality control labs testing the products to ensure the best manufacturing and product standards. Our supreme quality shade cloth is made from high density Polyethylene (HDPE) which has UV inhibitors added for life expectancy of eight years. We make use of the Rachel warp knitting method to incorporate the lock stitch for protection against ripping and tearing. Listed below are a few of the incredible advantages of our shade cloth:

  • Blocks and reflects more than 90% of harmful UV rays for the protection of people
  • Customised in various sizes and lengths
  • Designed to be used in tension structures - it can retain its stability
  • Easy to install yourself
  • Easy to use and connect to trees and other posts
  • Lightweight and easy on support structures
  • Prolonged existence and colourfast
  • Provides cool shade by breathing -  allowing heat to flow and escape though the fabric (as the heat rises) resulting in pleasant cool shade to enjoy outdoors
  • Reduces moisture loss
  • Simple to clean with a hosepipe
  • Mildew resistant
  • Water permeable for rainfall and irrigation


The International Group of Companies recognize your need for high quality and affordable shade cloth prices. We offer a line of high quality brands, designed to suit your budget and meet your quality expectations.

We supply shade cloth to clients throughout South Africa who require excellent customer service and affordable prices backed up by a product warranty. Landpak shade cloth is sold exclusively by The International Group of Companies, so contact us today for a product that is both tough on the elements and gentle on your assets.