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Top Quality Shade Cloth Available for a Variety of Reasons

The uses of shade cloth are many. It can be used to create nursery shade structures, agricultural structures, carport structures, tennis court backings, barriers and even vineyard structures. When using materials for any of these structures you are going to want to know that it is of a high quality and able to handle harsh conditions and elements.

The International Group of Companies is a company that provides 3 main types of shade cloth as follows:

  • Landpak Agrishade – this is used in agricultural and nursery environments
  • Landpak Supershade – this is ideal for use in commercial, industrial and domestic applications
  • Landpak Builder’s Shade – this is mostly used in the construction, demolition and mining industries

When purchasing shade cloth from this company you can expect it to last a minimum of 8 years. This is possible due to the fact that their shade cloth is made from High Density Polyethylene monofilaments and tape. It is made from the purest polymer and the latest UV inhibitors which of course lengthens its life span.

At the International Group of Companies the entire manufacturing process of shade cloth is done in-house. This ensures that quality control is closely monitored and products are tested every step of the way. You can purchase your shade cloth in a standard 50m x 3m roll or have a roll custom made to your specified size. The length of a roll can be made up to 500m and maximum widths can be up to 4m. The manufacturing process makes use of Rachel warp knitting which ensures that tearing is kept to a minimum and that shading is even.

For cost effective options when looking for shade clothcontact the International Group of Companies and chat to one of their friendly consultants today. You will find that they will be able to provide you with a variety of options that suit both your budget and needs.