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Shadeports for Protecting Your Vehicles, Caravans, Boats and Other Items

At The International Group of Companies we manufacture and stock a wide range of awning and shade cloth products that are required by domestic, commercial and agricultural concerns. Shadeports are also in demand on the market due to their ability to provide vehicles and other items with protection from exposure to the elements. Of course durability and strength are requirements in these fields and this is where we shine. While we are made up of 4 professional manufacturing concerns namely Landpak (Pty) Ltd, Brits Bag Manufacturers (Pty) Ltd, YouFam CC and International Bag Buyers (Pty) Ltd, we are able to present only the finest quality products to the market at the lowest possible rates. Each of our concerns operates according to a strict standard and guarantee clients nothing less than the absolute best.

shaeportsAt The International Group of Companies we manufacture shadeports to the utmost best quality – we have all the required machinery and equipment to ensure that each new product is one that is well designed and pieced together. Durability is combined with aesthetic appeal to produce an item that is not only needed, but wanted by a vast majority of the population for both business and private use. We stock a product called Super Shade which is designed to offer effective shading in even the most challenging environments. The protection it provides against the harmful rays of the sun is simply phenomenal. There are various colours for you to choose from that will look great on either a commercial or domestic setting.

Shadeports are often found at residential homes, office parks, and shopping centres and similar. The need to protect a vehicle, caravan, boat or similar from the harmful rays of the sun is something that all of us experience. The material and the units we manufacture can also be used as pool covers, kennels, gazebos, cricket stretch screens, patio awnings and so much more. While our products can be used for so many applications they remain in demand on the market and we make it our duty to keep these items available at a cost-effective rate.

We offer a great warranty to our clients for added peace of mind. We ensure that our shadeports net will not show any serious damage or breaking down of material from exposure to the sun and elements for a period of 8 years. Should you experience this, we will happily replace the affected area. We ensure that a consultant is made available to assist you with the decision making process when browsing through our products. We will also ensure that you are assisted with measuring up the area that needs to be covered and will present you with a detailed and accurate quotation. We encourage comparisons with other suppliers as we have complete confidence that our products will not disappoint.

It is important to view samples before you make an investment in any product. We encourage our clients to view samples at our premises or chat to one of our agents about the quality of the products that we have on offer. We are located in the North West province in South Africa and have over 600 individuals employed by us. Each and every staff member is experienced in the field and will do whatever is possible to ensure that you are provided with access to not just great products, but a service that is second to none too.

The International Group of Companies is a recognised BEE (Black Economic Empowered) compliant company that is focused on presenting the market with products that exude reliability, value for money and of course affordability. We have been serving the market in excess of 60 years already and take great pride in how far our business has come over the years. While our product range has certainly grown over the years, so has our eagerness to serve our clients to the very best of our ability.

At The International Group of Companies you are bound to find the shadeport products you require to protect your vehicles, boats, caravans or other items. Take the time to browse through our range or chat to one of our team members about your specific needs and requirements and prepare to make a wise and sound investment.