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Shade Net

The Right Shade Net Can Make a Huge Difference

Choosing the right supplier for your shade net requirements can make a significant difference to your operation, whether it is agricultural or industrial. Opting for the cheapest brands can end up costing you a lot more than you bargained for. Landpak is part of the International Group of Companies (ICG) with over six decades of experience in the plastic textile industry. This wealth of knowledge assures our customers of products that are designed with our challenging South African environment in mind.

Our products are backed by an 8 year warranty that covers all natural wear and tear. This is especially comforting to customers that place large orders and cannot afford these expenses frequently. The two biggest users of our shade net are the construction industry and the agricultural sector. Households are also regular users of our products, though on a much smaller scale.

Factors that companies need to take into consideration before purchasing shade net include:

  • Quality assurance
  • Weather considerations
  • Built-in strength
  • Customisation and Maintenance
  • Industrial applications


Quality Assurance

Aside from our 8 year warranty, there is the added fact that all of our materials are locally sourced. These materials are chosen for their ability to withstand the often harsh conditions typical of South African weather.

All raw materials are processed at our plant and purpose built for the local market. When customers receive their purchases, they can rest assured that all products have been subjected to stringent tests, to ensure that the highest quality standards are adhered to.

Farmers all across the country have come to rely on shade netting from ICG. It is well-known that we use only the best polymer in our products and that the application of cutting-edge technology enables us to predict a lifespan of at least eight years.

Weather Considerations

The African sun has a reputation for being particularly harsh on crops. This is why we treat our shade nets with Hindered Amine Light Stabilising Agents that serve to lessen the impact of UV rays by up to 90%. This factor alone can be difference between a crop’s success and failure. When one considers that our product will also withstand strong winds and severe hail, it becomes clear why Landpak is the first choice for many. Furthermore, shelter from wind is what allows farmers to treat their crops with pesticides, despite winds that would ordinarily make this task impossible.

Built-in Strength

All shade net purchased from us offers certain features that our rivals would be hard-pressed to match. Our enhanced system of knitting and stitching minimises the risk of any laddering and tearing. There need be no concern that the original dimensions will alter when surface tension is applied because we use a heat-setting procedure to ensure dimensional integrity. The even finish of our shade net is achieved through the use of a lock-stitch combined with the Rachel warp knit method. While both methods involve a considerable commitment of time on our part, we see it as part of the service excellence we guarantee all of our customers.

Customisation and Maintenance

Despite our standard dimensions being 50m x 3m, customers need not worry that their requirements are beyond our capabilities. We are able to manufacture rolls of up to 500m in length. Our product is designed to require as little maintenance as possible through the use of UV treatment and a material that can stretch. This makes tears much rarer. However, if one occurs, customers will be happy to know that they are easily repaired. All of these factors make our shade net an ideal choice when deciding how best to protect your nursery, flowerbeds or vineyard.

Industrial Applications

Builder’s Shade is the latest offering from Landpak to meet the demands of the construction boom happening in South Africa. Its strength and versatility are testament to Landpak’s commitment to manufacturing products that are specifically designed to handle South Africa’s unique climatic conditions. This shade net is suitable for use as a barrier surrounding building sites or excavations. Customers that choose ICG as their supplier of shade net are not just making a simple purchase. They are, in fact, capitalising on years of product development and investing in their product’s success.