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The Many Uses of Shade Netting

There are many varieties of shade netting available on the market, varying in colour, width and densities. These shade cloths can come in handy with shade nets of specific height, colour, width and different configurations, as the application requires. It is also a very durable piece of equipment that is incredibly flexible and comes in many different sizes and various strengths.

When used with less dense nets, it will be rather efficient in high wind areas and conditions, as it allows the air to effectively pass through. It is also possible to print on these nets when using special ink that’s been specifically designed for this purpose. In terms of the construction industry, shade netting has also cemented its practical use in the industry. It can be manufactured to specific height that is required, with the correct standard and colours making it look attractive and not out of place on any construction site or platform.

Many times shade netting also serves as a type of bird netting, used in many large areas such as company grounds, universities or other municipal bodies in order to prevent pest birds from gaining access to the area. It is a very cost-efficient way to make sure that large public and outdoor areas are kept clean, and it’s also very easy to install and set up. It can also be used in gardens to protect plants, bushes and trees from birds and many other intruders.

More Uses of Shade Netting

Many types of shade netting also feature optical properties designed to improve the utilisation of solar radiation in the agricultural sector. Using netting in greenhouses will promote differential stimulation of the various required physiological responses, which in turn will also influence the commercial viability and value of each crop.

Shade netting can also be used in all season cultivation since it will effectively help with water requirements. There are far less crop diseases and easily maintenance crops where these types of netting are used. Damage to fruit and vegetable crops and seedlings are also effectively prevented. You will find that installing your shade netting will also be easy and is an effective way to go about protecting your crops from the harmful effects that birds and other creatures can cause it.

These netting products are incredibly durable and can last for many years, and aren’t that expensive when you consider how long you are able to use only one. Ground cover and agricultural nets also form part of shade netting. It comes available in many different sizes and you might also need to pare different nets to meet your different needs. It can easily be removed in late summer after the harvest and put away indoors until wintertime comes round again.

International Group of Companies’ Shade Cloths and Shade Netting Products

We are one of the leaders of exceptional quality shade netting products in South Africa. Our three main formats include:

  • Landpak Supershade – These are designed for commercial, industrial and domestic applications.
  • Landpak Builder’s Shade – These are ideal for the demolition, mining and construction industries.
  • Landpak Agrishade – These products are suited for nursery and agricultural applications.


We are proud of our extensive range of shade netting products that help many of South Africa’s most important sectors effectively keep their processes running smoothly. We manufacture all of our shade netting products using the High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) monofilaments and tapes. By making use of exclusively the purest polymer available, as well as the very latest Ultra Violet inhibitors, our products’ minimum life expectancy range from eight to nine years.

Why Landpak Shade Netting?

Our entire manufacturing process, from raw materials right through to the finished product is performed entirely in-house, which means that we are completely in control of the quality of the products. This fact, combined with our internal quality control lab, which is tasked with administering a range of recognised testing methods will ensure that the quality of each of our final products are of the utmost highest.

In addition to this, we also provide above industry standard warranties on all our products. Our shade netting will add value to your company and industry. Contact us to discuss all your shade netting requirements.