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Twines And Related Packaging Products Available

The International Group of Companies is not only a well-known and established supplier of plastic bags and cardboard packaging products, but also a range of related packaging products such as twines, adhesives, stickers and fasteners. 

Various types oftwines are available on the market ranging for Jute to PP twines and ropes. Just as it is important to ensure that produce packed in boxes are not damaged before reaching their destinations, one also needs to ensure that the twines used will be strong enough, affordable to keep packaging costs low, and also durable. 

The International Group of Companies has the expertise, manpower, and resources to ensure that the twines produced and available from us are of the highest quality and yet affordable. We use state of the art equipment and unique, but proven methods for manufacturing and supply of packaging products includingtwines and other related items.

Retailers, farmers, butchers, supermarkets and large food processing plants rely on our products includingtwines to ensure that their products are packed neatly and with minimal risk of damage because of packaging materials used. High quality doesn’t mean high prices when you buy from the International Group of Companies. True to our commitment to South Africa, we ensure that our products are extremely well priced including the twines and knitted bags. 

In addition to twines we offer products such as a range of plastic bags suitable for food packaging, cardboard boxes for the transport of fresh fruits, and paper bags. In addition we supply safety clothing and even packaging equipment. With everything related to packing available from one supplier including twines, you will save on time, costs and resources when purchasing packaging products from us. View our range of packaging related products including twines and contact us for quotations or to place your orders.