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Vegetable Bag Wholesalers

High Quality Vegetable Bag Wholesalers

For many people the current economic climate has mean that buying in bulk is the ideal way to save money. For this reasons those fruit and vegetable suppliers who are making use of vegetable bags for the supply of fruit and vegetables to producers have found their businesses growing. Vegetable bag wholesalers have also found that an increase in the types of products that they supply to primary producers of agricultural products have made it easier for these producers to exploit new types of markets and provide retailers with vegetable bags that suit the needs of consumers across South Africa.

Vegetable bag wholesales use high density polyethylene (HDPE) for the manufacture of the vegetable nags that find their way onto supermarket shelves across South Africa. These high density polyethylene bags have a variety of advantages for the primary agricultural producer, as well as the end user of the vegetable products. Firstly the producers of vegetables can optimise their storage space due to the fact that these bags can be stored flat. This means that they always have bags available for the packing and transport of highly perishable vegetable products.

In addition the availability of these polyethylene bags in a number of different sizes means that the agricultural producer can tailor the product offering to suit a variety of different users, from large catering and food provision concerns to the individual householder.

The consumer also appreciates the versatility of the vegetable bags provided by wholesalers. These bags can be used for the storage of a variety of goods once they have emptied of their original contents, but perhaps the most useful feature of these polyethylene string bags, is that they allow the consumer to gauge the freshness of the goods that they will be purchasing prior to the actual purchase. By packing these vegetables in the bags the retailer ensures that they are not damaged by handling prior to them being purchased.

The woven vegetable pockets that are available from vegetable bag wholesalers can be provided in a number of different colours to either make the sorting of the different products in the retail environment easier or alternatively to make these products more appealing to consumers. Vegetable bag wholesalers make red, green, purple and white bags available for the packaging requirements of producers.

A relatively new development is the availability of woven bags from vegetable bag manufacturers. These bags can be made even more attractive by the addition of printing that can appear on the bags. This printing is especially useful for those companies that wish to entrench themselves as suppliers of high quality fresh produce, or associate themselves with a particular retail outlet. They can also be used for the positioning of house brands of vegetables to make the packaging stand out from other products available from a number of suppliers.

Vegetable bag wholesalers have continued to provide innovative solutions that are based on the use of a variety of different material such as polyethylene and polypropylene filaments. These products have revolutionised the packing and consumer experience by making fresh goods both more quickly available and allowing both the retailer and the consumer to identify fresh produce at a glance.

Low Cost Vegetable Bags

The use of these manmade materials by vegetable bag wholesalers provides packaging solutions that are extremely durable and will not split or break, making transport from the primary producer and from the shelf to the home extremely easy. The technology used in the manufacture of these vegetable bags by wholesalers is also extremely cost effective which ensures that the vegetables that reach the consumer represent excellent value for money. With the cost effective use of manmade materials the cost of these staple foodstuffs would be a lot more.