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Knitted Vegetable Pockets

Knitted Vegetable Pockets Are Used For Fresh Produce

Knitted vegetable pockets are commonly used in the fresh produce sector.  They offer the peculiar properties required of a good vegetable bag.  A normal soft plastic bag would not suffice, because it does not allow unhindered ventilation and the resultant damp and condensation would cause mildew to form and the produce to become spoiled. 

Therefore, knitted vegetable bags are used.  They are mesh-like bags made from knitted high-density polyethylene (HDPE).  Polyethylene is extremely tough and it needs to be: these bags can be rated to carry anything up to 25kg.  The mesh allows the contents to be aerated and easily identifiable from the outside.  They are available in many different colours, including white, red, green, purple, orange, mandarin, yellow and tangerine.  These colours are usually crop-specific to simply identification.

During construction, the courses per centimetre can be varied according to the customer’s requirements; construction can be by pillar stitch (HDPE monofilament) or filler stitch (HDPE flat tap).  Besides the knitted pockets, woven vegetable pockets are offered too, but of course the construction method is different, because this type of bag features a simple weave.  They are made of virgin polypropylene and are also available in various colours and sizes.  Another type of woven bag is the woven circular bag, which has a dense weave and can be coloured and printed to specification.  It also features anti-UV treatment to extend their minimum life expectancy to three months.

Woven and knitted vegetable pockets are widely used to get fresh produce to consumer.  The International Group of Companies can offer you all these variants, as well as soft plastic bags, paper bags, cardboard packaging and fomo products.  For more information on our extensive product list, please contact us today.