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vegetable bag manufacturer has to be flexible enough to produce a range of high-quality products to suit its target market.  To this end, a professional supplier should be able to supply all the types of vegetable bags typically used in the transportation, handling and selling of fruit and vegetables.  Vegetables perish quickly and time is of the essence when harvesting, packing and transporting produce to retail outlets.  The packaging has to meet many requirements.

Some types of vegetables require special packaging like cardboard boxes to prevent them from getting bruised and crushed.  Among these are strawberries, peaches, grapes and avocado pears.  However, many other types of vegetables are packed in bags.  Potatoes should be protected against light, so a mesh-type or transparent bag would not be ideal.  For this reason, potatoes are packed in multi-layer brown paper bags that are tied at the one end and printed with the requisite branding on the outside.  However, the most common types of bags supplied by a vegetable bag manufacturer are the woven and knitted mesh-type bags.

Woven and knitted bags do not differ much in concept.  Both allow unhindered ventilation and they are very strong.  The woven pockets are usually made of virgin polypropylene and the knitted pockets from high-density polyethylene.  Both types are available in a range of colours that are normally selected to be crop-specific.  However, knitted pockets are available in a wider range of sizes.  Lastly, woven circular bags are also very popular and are often treated with anti-UV additives for a longer life expectancy.

Select any of these options when you procure your packaging from the International Group of Companies.  We are possibly the foremost vegetable bag manufacturer in South Africa and we are represented in Cape Town, Pietermaritzburg and Mogwase.  For more information, contact us today.