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If you are a farmer or retailer that has to transport, package or sell fruit and vegetables, team up with the best of the vegetable packet manufacturers today.  In the fresh produce market it is essential that your packaging is attractive and of the best quality, because the condition, marketability and, ultimately, the price of your produce is dependent upon how the packaging performs in protecting and presenting your produce.

Vegetable packet manufacturers offer a wide choice of products, but be sure to do business with a supplier that can offer you all the options in one place.  It is a burden on both your administration and logistical resources if you have to coordinate the products of different suppliers.  Your supplier should be able to supply you not only with the normal knitted and woven vegetable pockets, but also circular woven bags, paper bags and cardboard packaging.

Knitted and woven vegetable pockets are normally manufactured from high-density polyethylene or virgin polypropylene.  They are tough, mesh-type bags that allow unhindered ventilation and can be ordered in any of a variety of colours that are usually selected to be crop-specific.  Paper bags are preferred for crops like potatoes that should be protected against light and cardboard boxes are the preferred packaging medium for produce that crushes and bruises easily, like tomatoes, grapes, peaches and strawberries.

Possibly the foremost vegetable packet manufacturers in South Africa are the International Group of Companies, based in Brits and represented in Pietermaritzburg and Cape Town as well.  We not only manufacture vegetable packaging, but also soft plastic packaging, fastening equipment, plastic rolls, pallet packaging, crates, wrapping film, staplers and staples, tags and stickers and tape.  For more information, please contact us.