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Vegetable Packets Suppliers Offer Vegetable Pockets And Bags

If you grow vegetable crops, you will no doubt require the services and products of professional vegetable packets suppliers.  Vegetables require special packaging – to preserve them they need good ventilation, so enclosed plastic bags are out of the question.  These would allow condensation for form and encourage mildew.

For these purposes, vegetable packets suppliers supply knitted and woven vegetable pockets and bags.  These bags allow free ventilation yet are very strong.  Some types of vegetable bags like those used for potatoes are different though.  Potatoes have to be packed in breathable bags but they also have to be protected against light; therefore, they are packed in multi-layer paper bags.

However, for most types of fruit and vegetables, knitted and woven pockets work very well.  These bags are net- or mesh-type bags that allow free ventilation and easy crop identification yet is strong enough to withstand the rigours of the handling and transport of the vegetables.  The knitted pockets are usually manufactured from a high-density polyethylene and vary in capacity from two to 25kg.  Woven pockets are made from virgin polypropylene.  These bags are offered in a range of colours that are usually crop-specific.  A third type is the woven circular bag, which is available in sizes that range from 30cm x 45cm to 72cm x 120cm.  They are also treated with anti-UV additives to ensure a longer life expectancy of at least three months.

The International Group of Companies is one of the top vegetable packets suppliers in South Africa and can offer you all the above packaging options.  In addition, we also supply normal plastic bags, paper bags, cardboard packaging and a range of moulded plastic products like chairs.  For more information on how we can help you today, contact us.