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Use Woven Polypropylene Bags

The Manufacture and Use of Woven Polypropylene Bags

The International Group of Companies are market leaders in the production of packaging products. We produce a variety of packing solutions with woven polypropylene bags being one of our most sought-after products.

Bag options

Our bags are designed with the end-use in mind, so customers are assured of a purposeful product that is built to last. Polypropylene is manufactured from polymer, which serves as the base element, with the final product being strong enough to use for ropes. The packaging industry generally offers bags that carry 10kg to 25kg. These standard sizes make the receiving and dispatching of goods much easier.

Customers may choose from a variety of different colours so that it matches the produce it will be holding. The woven mesh bags are the first choice for fresh produce distributors because they expand and contract depending on the contents. The orange coloured bags go well any produce of the citrus family. Purple is ideal for sweet potatoes and green for gem squash. Other colours available include white, brown, yellow and red. Aside from the colours, bags are also differently woven depending on the weight of the produce, with the denser weave handling heavy items like pumpkins with ease.


Woven bags are made from virgin polypropylene and are woven on a special weaving machine. The weave is designed so that contents are easily identifiable and there is sufficient space for a decent amount of airflow without sacrificing any of the bag strength.

The International Group also manufactures the circular woven polypropylene bags. These offer many of the same benefits such air circulation and durability and come with some additional features. Circular bags are made with certain additives that enhance the virgin polypropylene so that it can withstand UV rays and users can look forward to a product life of at least 3 months. In some cases, these bags have been known to last for years. They can be ordered in sizes from 30 x 45 up to 72 x 120 (cm).

One of the great benefits of circular woven bags is that they can be printed on without any difficulty, making contents identification and storage that much easier. These bags have become very popular for transport and storage of certain building materials like pebbles and concrete stones.

The International Group of Companies (IGC) as your Woven Polypropylene Bag Supplier

IGC is made up four different companies, namely: Landpak, Brits Bags Manufacturers, International Bag Buyers and YouFam. Collectively, we have more than 60 years’ experience in the packaging industry. This level of experience has made us market leaders in South Africa, where we are one the largest suppliers of plastic textiles.  Our company has a long and proud history in this country and we are proud of our BEE status.

Customer Benefits

The International Group benefits from its knowledge of the industry and the local market through the development of effective production methods, which saves money and minimises our impact on the environment. Customers also share in these benefits, receiving a product that is competitively priced. Furthermore, they have access to our years of experience when deciding on product specifications. Our team is always happy to provide assistance in this regard.

This is especially useful for new clients that are having printing work done and may be unsure of how their logo will look on the final product. Our range of colours for bags and our stencil options allow our circular woven bags to be both eye-catching and informative.

We are particularly proud of the durability of our woven bags. Whether customers order the mesh or circular polypropylene bags, they are guaranteed a product that has been designed with the harsh African climate in mind. Our polypropylene bags will withstand humidity and high temperatures, while maintaining structural integrity.

Our local production keeps manufacturing costs low and gives us better access to our customers. This allows buyers to interact directly with IGC staff and to communicate their requirements effectively.

Looking Forward

Polypropylene woven bags have become the staple choice for many distributors. Their market-proven strength and versatility makes them suitable for farms and some building materials. At IGC we are always looking to improve the quality of our products and service. Hence, we welcome any feedback from our valued customers. Feel free to contact us by telephone or mail.